Random Thoughts on Bagels, Snow, and Teenage Driving

Random thought – Why are there holes in the middle of a bagel? Either cream cheese or egg yolks shoot out and get all over you. I say we tell Lenders and Thomas’ we’re fed up! (No pun intended!)

Random thought – Filling the generator and snow blower up with gas in 15 degree weather and a wind chill of 0 before 18” of snow comes…am I in New England with 7 days until spring or in an episode of some Alaskan reality show?

Random thought – Remember when you got your license and were out that night driving all around town with your friends? Thankfully that is no longer an option in CT! With two teenagers who are driving, I am grateful that they have to have their license for 6 months before having a sibling in the car and even more grateful that they have to wait a year to have friends in the car! Yeah, I know, hypocritical, but some changes from when we were kids are a good thing!