A Comedy of Errors

So we went to the Open House at University of Hartford Art School last weekend to get another look at the school before Skyelar makes her decision where she will go in the fall. Who would have thought such a beautiful day would turn into a comedy of errors? Let me explain.

The day started off great with a nice day of activities throughout the campus. When finished, we decided to get lunch. After having a nice lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, we headed to the parking garage to head home. I put the key in the ignition and nothing. No clicking, no vroom of the engine, nothing! Oh, and the key would not come out of the ignition, it was now stuck. We debate what we are going to do and luckily we have AAA. My wife decides she is going to call them so she types AAA.com in her phone and puts it up to her ear. She says it’s not ringing. Wait…WHAT?!

Ok, so we have a good laugh but still the car will not start. It is 3 o’clock and we are waiting for the AAA battery charging guy. He shows up to check the battery. Guess where it is? Under the passenger seat which is electric so we cannot move the seat to get to it easily. What a dumb design.

Anyway, he finally can reach it, tests it and all is fine. Now we are stuck. He cannot tow us because that is someone else who does that. I send my wife and kids home via Uber and said I will wait for the tow truck. What you probably don’t know, unless this has happened to you, not just any tow truck company can fit in a parking garage. I had to assure the guy that the clearance was 8’ based on the sign at the garage entrance. He then asked me if the clearance changes each level. What?! Why would they do that? He said I would be surprised and that it happens all the time. Not having my tape measure with me, I told him I would go out on a limb and say it was 8’ throughout. He is now ok with that and on the way.

A couple of hours later, he calls me from the entrance to double check the height again. Ugh. I told him just to go for it. Then he says, well how am I supposed to get in? Huh? I said drive through the gate. He said but they want me to take a ticket. Um, yeah! It’s a parking garage. I said take the f*#% ticket and I will take care of it.

A few minutes later, the truck is there and the car is ready to go. As we are leaving the garage we stop at the cashier to pay for the vehicles. As we are about to head out to begin our trek back to my house, the car comes undone from the tow truck and is now on just two wheels and we are blocking all of the other vehicles trying to get out of the garage. The driver is obviously stumped how that could have happened. I said we need to get this figured out so we can get out of the way. He comes up with the idea to jack the car up and remove the braces that the car fell off of and would then re-hook it up.

After about a minute, he comes up to me and tells me he does not have a jack with him. I said but you are a tow truck! Wouldn’t that be an important part of your tool kit? So, he asks if I have one. I said yes, but it is in the back of the car in the trunk. He said well open it up. I said I would love to but if you remember the reason you are here, I have no power to unlock the trunk nor can I get the key out of the ignition to unlock it manually. He then opens the door to the car and amazingly, the car had turned on! I said get the jack out of my car, get my car back on four wheels and then I am driving this thing home! Did not get home until after 8p! What a day!