Kitchen Cabinets and Pricing

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Installing new kitchen cabinets is one of the main driving forces that brings up the cost of a kitchen remodel. Everyone wants nice cabinets, but there is a price to pay. There are many cabinet manufacturers out there. Some more expensive than others.


Well, there are differences between a low end cabinet versus a higher end cabinet. If you want a cabinet to last a long time, go with one that is an all plywood construction. Lower end cabinets use MDF boards, which crumble and fall apart over time.

Also, you want the finish to be good on the exterior of the cabinets, such as a stained or painted finish. The lower end cabinets use a laminate over the exterior which peels and makes the cabinets look awful.

So, you now know you probably don’t want the lower end cabinets, but how much do you have to spend for something better? Again, many cabinet manufacturers out there so the costs will vary.

For my money, I like Kraftmaid cabinets. They are a quality cabinet for not a lot of money. They have all the bells and whistles. With their line, you can get the soft closing drawers/doors, specialty cabinets such as cooking sheet cabinets and pull out spice racks. So many styles of cabinets to choose from. Literally, you can take the exact number of cabinets you have now and install the newer, more functional cabinets and gain another 20% storage.

Visit your local kitchen supply house or lumber yard and check out the many different options out there.

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