Best Choices For Decking

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It is always great in the late Spring/Summer/early Fall to get out on your deck and relax. If you are fortunate enough, you have plenty of room for a table and chairs as well as your barbeque.

The question I get asked a lot is what type of decking should you use?

Well, this can come down to a personal preference, but typically it is a cost issue that steers customers one way or the other. Options are few but vary in look and cost.

Pressure treated decking is the most popular and least expensive. Next there is Cedar, which is not much more expensive than pressure treated but is a softer material so it can show scratches over time. The most popular decking now is composite. You are probably familiar with brands such as Trex and Azek. Although it does not look like real wood, it does afford the luxury of not having to maintain it every couple of years. But if you want the Cadillac of decking, you can always install IPE. This is a hard wood that is impervious to the elements. Looks like wood, because it is, but never needs to be treated. It weathers naturally. Very labor intensive to install due to it’s density, all of the screws/fasteners need to be pre-drilled.

Many options to choose from but as with most things in life, it comes down to preference and of course, money!


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