Latest Trends In Kitchen Flooring

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Tired of the same old options for flooring? Tired of being told what belongs in which room when it comes to flooring?

Good news!

The debate continues on what is the “proper” flooring to install in a kitchen. You will hear the typical response from most people. “Kitchens and Bathrooms always have tile on the floor!” Not true anymore. With the introduction of some new flooring options, you can change it up from the norm or get the look you want while staying traditional.

Kitchens are the big one where people want to change things up when it comes to flooring. They like the idea of tile on the floor because it is easier to clean. Some of you are probably saying, “What about the grout lines? They are always dirty and discolored.” Yes, that is true. The older grouts that were used more than five years ago do stain and discolor. Very little you can do no matter how much you scrub.

If you like the look of tile with grout lines, there is some good news. Grout today has a stain resistant chemical already mixed in. This provides a barrier from the dirt getting into the grout. “Will my grout still look dirty?” Only temporarily. If it looks dirty, a basic cleaning will bring back the color it was when it was installed.

For those of you who may be skeptical, there is another option when it comes to grout. Stay away from the really light colors. Pick up a darker shade or fleck in your tile. This way you have the safety of the treated grout but not the risk that it may tarnish over time.

For those of you non-traditionalists, hardwood flooring has been very popular. Many people like the hardwood to be continuous throughout the kitchen and into other adjoining rooms. This gives a very clean look without the visual separation of the spaces. I can hear some of you questioning whether the wood is really a good idea in a kitchen. I see your point. The concern is whether the wood floor can hold up to water, right? To be honest, consider how often you have large amounts of water on your kitchen floor unless you are mopping the tile and grout or you have sprung a leak in the sink or dishwasher. Probably not very often. The amount of water you have on the kitchen floor with hardwood would be similar to the amount of water you have on your shoes when you come in from the rain. And don’t you sometimes walk on the hardwood floors with wet shoes? Once a hardwood floor has been finished, the poly gives it a protective finish for basic, everyday use.

So, what if you want wood and still think tile is the best way to go? Ah, thanks to the tile industry and their crack team of creative thinkers, there is now a tile plank. Yes, tile and the wood look you want all in one! Tile planks come in different widths and lengths so it can look like wood flooring. You can do very small grout lines between the planks so it does not look like tile. So many options when it comes to tile planks, a multitude of colors and styles to choose from.

Ok, now for the really adventurous group. How about we take this to a new level? May I introduce LVT? What is that? LVT is short for luxury vinyl tile. Yup, I hear the groans. Vinyl? Yuck! Take that out of your head. LVT also come in planks or squares to look like tile, but they can also look like wood. It is glued down so it does not move. No grout lines to deal with either! And the best part? It is softer on your feet than tile or hardwood and it is actually warmer to the touch. Tile and wood can be cold in the winter but LVT stays more in line with the room temperature. I did, however, have a customer ask if it will hold up to knives. To be honest, I was not sure how to answer that! I’m not sure about you, but we don’t have an issue with flying knives in my house! Also, side note, I put this in my kitchen and could not be happier! And we keep our knives in the drawer!

So, when you are thinking of installing a new floor in your kitchen, check out the many new options you have at your local flooring supply store. Stay traditional or change things up. Now, the choice is really yours!

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