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I have been using Ken Sked of Sked Electric since he started his own business. He is a great guy and a very professional and intelligent electrician.

We met in the strangest of ways. Back when I was younger and more eager to tackle major projects at my house, I was doing stone work around my garage doors. In order to have something for the stones and mortar to stick to, you have to install a wire mesh. The way to fasten the mesh is to use stainless steel staples. Anyway, one of the staples hit the main electrical wire going from my meter to my panel. It’s lucky I wasn’t killed. The funny thing is that I didn’t know about it at first. No sparks, nothing. It wasn’t until a day or so later I was sitting in my living room with my wife and the lights started dimming and then coming back up. This continued through the night.

The next day, I had an idea what may have happened so I opened the wall inside the garage and saw the staple in the cable. I called the power company to come out and turn the power off, which they did. While they were there, I removed the staple and told them to turn it back on. No dice. They wanted the feed replaced before they would turn it back on.

As many of you know, finding an electrician to come to your house asap is not easy. I made some calls but to no avail. Rewind to 6 months earlier, I got an advertisement from Sked Electric saying they are starting a company. I called him out of the blue and he said he was in the middle of a service change but would talk to the customer to see if it was okay for him to leave and shoot over to my house.

Within an hour, Ken was at my house doing the work. It turned into a bigger job as the meter socket and other feeds needed to be changed but I was happy to have this done. Ken enlisted a helper as the work continued into the dark. Once he was done, he told me to contact the power company and have them come back out to turn on the power, then he left. About an hour or so later, Ken called me to see if the power company had been out and I said no. He called them and told me they should be there shortly and to call him when they were there, which I did. Once the power was back on, Ken insisted on coming back over to check the voltage going into the house to make sure it was right so I wouldn’t have any other problems.

That’s the type of service everyone should offer. He didn’t know me at the time. That’s just the type of professional he is. Call them whenever you need electrical work!


For more information, or for a free consultation, please give Shaw Remodeling a call at 860.434.2004. We would be happy to sit with you and discuss any questions you may have as well as the many options there are available to you.

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